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Crisis Action New Update

Time: 2016-08-24 15: 15: 34

New update for Crisis Action !What’s new:

1. A new gameplay: PVE Challenge Mode. Team up to fight against multiple rounds of monsters. Time to examine your teamwork and shooting skills. Three levels of difficulty: Easy, Normal and Hard. You can get weapon fragments, Enh Pts and other rewards. Higher your scores are, better the prizes will be. Practice and enhance weapons to get better scores!Difficulty Easy: Perfect for rookies. Player can get Enh Pts, time-limited weapons and fragments.Difficulty Normal: Skill required to beat the level. Player can get permanent weapons and fragments.Diffifculty Hard: If you are confident of your skill and equipment, challenge it. Player can get Knight Weapon fragments.

2. New Fragment Exchange System : It allows player to use fragments they don’t need to exchange for fragments they desire to have. Player also can sell fragments for Enh Pts.

3. Two new maps: Street and Base.

4. A new legendary weapon: Fury Dragon-Striker. The ultimate CQB weapon with extreme surge power! Best weapon for PVE challenge!

5. Bonus of accessories: Hero hit bonus for all pack accessories, necessary for PVE challenge!

6. Hero hit bonus: Damage up with hero-hit enabled accessories.

7. PVE challenge: More missions, more rewards.

8. New enhancement: Ultimate Enhance. Diamond weapons from shop and Golden weapons can have an extra enhancement after reaching “Ultimate”. Use Enh Pts for the final upgrade! New hero hit bonus will be available after the final enhancement.

9. Other bugs fixed.

10. Game UI optimized: new UI for Crisis Action!We’d like to hear from to help us to improve our game! For more information, please visit our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/crisisactionna/