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No More Tolerance to Hackers

Time: 2016-06-12 17: 10: 34

Recently we have received a lot of report and complain about hacker problems from players.

It is high time that we have to give the hackers a heavy punch ,we shall have no mercy to those people who use hack tools and ingore the rules of the game.The most harsh punishment is waiting for them,now!

The following names which they called “the popular hacker “ have been permanently banned: SoldierISIS hulk22 hibye abgsado aofaof Deva hackenr cm88 bitaxam KounLaBoRaVy SeeAlex Clmm 『FA』vn,etc.

Of course,that is the tip of iceberg, if you find more hackers in the game, please send screenshot or video link to our email : crisisactionsa@herogame.com . In order to give it a better record and categorize, DO NOT just leave the message on the comment page,thank you for the cooperation!