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The tips of Ferry

Time: 2016-05-16 15: 56: 00

An excellent player is not only requires valuable weapons ,but also certain skills and knowledge of the map. Here are some useful and fun tips and spots for the map Ferry. These tips are suitable for HUNT and TEAM mode.

SPOT1: Side of the corridor,a great spot to observe the enemy and hide.

Advantages: condescending, we can see just out of the home enemy, the enemy will generally not look ahead to see if there are enemies above.

Cons: If you could not finish the enemy at first time the you will be found, enemy grenades is powerful enough to kill you twice.

SPOT2.After sneaking into the enemy base and camping in this position, you can attack anyone who come through.

Advantages: This spot is very difficult to be found,and you can shoot a bunch of enemies just revived from their base.

Cons: Once been found,you will be a dead man and it might be very difficulty to get there.

SPOT3:The platform of your own base, a perfect spot for sniper. Advantages: Compare with the second spot, this is a place more easier to sneak and the enemy is not easy to find you,because you only exposed a very small area of your body.

Cons: Very easy to be ganked by the enemies of the first spot we mentioned.

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