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The tips of Death Knight

Time: 2016-05-11 13: 29: 10

When it comes to Death Knight, I am sure it must be well known. Because it is the most popular and valuable weapon in the game !

Death Knight is a series of biochemical knight M4A1 guns, with a high rate of fire and stability, perfect designed for playing qualifying and biochemistry. As we all known, M4A1 series guns have an extremely high rate of fire and stability. Now,you may ask after a long term introduction then how to use it?

When fired at close range, it is best to aim well and then shot.For the long range, Death Knight can aim the target easily and you may get a good head-shot. The rifle is fitted with a 30-round magazine and can fire single shots or bursts. If you play in small map of bunkers like the corridors , you should bursted it . In the biochemical mode, This gun has its own damage bonus ! When facing the chief-zombie, until left more than half of the blood and then fight fiercely.

All in all,Death Knight is suitable for playing a variety of modes, is a versatile artifact!

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