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Crisis Action FAQ

Time: 2016-01-20 17: 12: 09

Q: Where can I download Crisis Action?

A: Download from this link: smarturl.it/crisisactionna

Q: What can I do if fail to install Crisis Action?

A: (1)Check your phone storage and make sure there is enough space; (2)Contact customer service: crisisaction@herogame.com

Q: What methods can I use to log into the game?

A: You can log in with Facebook account or sign up a regular account with username and password.

Q: What should I do if fail to log in?

A: (1)Check your network connection or try a different network environment; (2)Contact customer service: crisisaction@herogame.com

Q: Should I skip the tutorial?

A: If you are a FPS enthusiast, you will feel familiar with our controls;
If you are new to FPS game, we strongly recommend that you should complete the tutorial.

Q: What should I do if I top up and don’t receive diamonds?

A: (1)It may take a few minutes before you receive the diamonds, check again later; (2)Contact customer service: crisisaction@herogame.com with your order ID screenshots.

Q: What should I do if feel lagging when playing the game?

A: (1)Choose another network environment or choose another line; (2)Contact customer service: crisisaction@herogame.com